Private Label Roasting

We pride ourselves on the quality of coffee that comes out of our roaster, and more importantly, that of which gets placed inside your bags. We are a company that values micro batch roasting, to promote an unparalleled standard of quality.

If you are looking to offer your customers high-end coffee, we want to help. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • professional flavour profile development, meticulously roasted and crafted for your brand*
  • packaging immediately after roasting to promote a fresher product*
  • order fulfilment from our facility directly to your customers 
  • one-on-one cupping sessions for quality control and product development

Contact us at for a quote and order details. Make sure to include your company information and any questions you may have.

* You will need to supply your company's green coffee and any packaging materials.

Max of one pallet storage available per customer