Our Story

coffee with friends

Morning Roast was built on a simple desire by two guys to enjoy something special every time coffee found its way into their daily routine. It was much more than just a dose of caffeine. It was about sharing an experience with a close family member or friend.  

The founders grew up with coffee being an integral part of their lives. Childhood friends raised on the same streets but from different cultures, who shared common interests and values. Like you, coffee has helped them escape and cope with the everyday pressures of life. Tired of the generic brands available, they began to explore this simple drink by learning its true complexities.  

After many years of discovery and studying the art of all things coffee, Morning Roast was born. Located steps away from Pearson Toronto airport, we offer coffee enthusiasts a wide selection of single origin high quality whole coffee beans. We roast our carefully selected green coffees in small batches and focus on coffee bean development during the roasting process. Our coffee beans are crafted with you in mind.