coffee roast profile

The Morning Roast Style

coffee roast profile

One factor that appears to play the biggest role in influencing a customer’s decision to purchase roasted coffee is the roast degree. Understandably, this information is used by most companies to give customers a quick idea of which coffees available may be suitable for them. However, when customers ask us for our darkest, lightest or a medium roast, we will typically explain to them that we do not classify our roasts in this traditional fashion. Instead, our style is to find that point in every coffee that we believe brings out the best characteristics of that coffee.

The thing is, we never approach roasting coffee with a specific roast degree in mind. We don’t tell the coffee how it should be roasted but rather let the coffee speak to us. Obviously, to be great coffee roasters, a certain process needs to be followed, and consistency maintained. Throughout the coffee roasting process, we ensure that we hit certain designed benchmarks that allow us to develop the flavour profiles as intended. However, as far as how much energy to apply throughout the roasting cycle and when to remove the coffee from the roaster, taste tells us what to do.

We believe our value lies in making our customers satisfied with each experience they have when purchasing one of our freshly roasted single origin coffees. It all begins with sourcing high-quality green coffees, as well as the right coffees for our customers. It is our job to treat these coffees with respect and craft them to highlight its most favourable qualities. The ultimate goal with every one of our single origin coffees is to create a product that is naturally delicious, giving our customers a sweet and healthier beverage.

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