How brewing your own coffee can pay for your next vacation!


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For most people, life moves quickly and there is this continuous search to find solutions that speed up daily routines. At the forefront of many peoples’ morning routine is a sweet cup of coffee. A great cup of coffee can be attainable by anyone seeking it and it can even be quicker than one thinks. Below is a simple blueprint that can potentially be less time-consuming than walking or driving to the local coffee shop and can even earn you enough money to make your next big purchase... possibly even that well-deserved vacation you dream of! One thing is certain, the coffee will be at least as great, if not much more delicious, than your current daily dose!


What you will need:

  • AeroPress brewer
  • Quality burr grinder
  • Kettle (ideally variable temperature)
  • Water filter jug
  • Morning Roast specialty coffee

Brewing Procedure:

  1. Heat water to desired temperature (80°C to 88°C for AeroPress)
  2. For best results, pre-wet filter & brewer
  3. For best results, pre-heat coffee mug
  4. Place AeroPress with secured filter onto mug (normal method)
  5. Add 16.5g to 17g of coffee inside AeroPress, using a fine-to-medium grind size (think slightly finer than a Hario V60 pour-over)

Read “Getting the best out of your roasted coffee in our blog posts, to learn more on adjusting your grind and ratio

  1. Start your timer and then add preheated water to level 1 of the AeroPress (approximately 70g of water weight)
  2. Stir for 10-15 seconds
  3. Add the remainder of your water to level 4 of the AeroPress (about 250g of total water weight)

Total Brew Time: 1.5 minutes – then plunge coffee liquids into your cup, applying gradual pressure. The agitation caused by stirring and the pressure caused by plunging the liquids into your cup increases extraction and allows for this relatively short brew time. Question: how long does it currently take you to travel to the local coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee? If you answered “more than 5 minutes”, then you could be freeing up some of your valuable time by brewing your own coffee.

The AeroPress is a versatile brewer that is easy and fun to use. It is a brewing technique that will have your fellow coffee lovers turning their heads. If desired, you can even get crema. The best part is that you will not only be enjoying a high quality, quickly brewed beverage but you can even add more money to your pocket.

Below is a cost breakdown for your own professional coffee set-up versus buying at a local, quality focused coffee shop. The price per cup for the option of purchasing at a local coffee shop is an average of 10 prices found at various specialty shops in Toronto. The brew-it-yourself set-up is only a recommendation, with a focus on quality and expediency.


That is only for 1 cup of coffee. Adding an additional cup of coffee per day to the equation, including additional replacement water and AeroPress filters, and you will have earned just under $1900! I don't know about you but I am flying to Bali :)

Above all, I hope the above information leads you to a better cup of coffee. If you have any questions or comments please email us at


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